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Celebrating the Link x Malon ship.

Welcome to Link x Malon. We are a friendly commununity that supports the relationship for Link and Malon of the Legend of Zelda Series. We are not only limited to Link and Malon. This community is also opened to supporting the relationship with Marin and Cremia/Romani if you are interested in those pairings as well. Although the main focus is romance, we also accept friendship, Rivalry, or anything else you can think of. This community is a safe place to post fanart, icons, fanfiction, scans, or anything else that supports the Link/Malon ship.
001. This is a Link/Malon community. That means no Zelda/Link, Ruto/Link, Saria/Link or any other pairing. Discussions of the other pairings are of course welcomed, but please try to keep the focus on Link/Malon.
002. With that said, bashing of the other pairings will not be tolerated.
003. If you are posting anything large, please use an lj-cut.
004. You do not have to be a fan of Link/Malon to join the community. But bashing of Malon, or the ship itself will not be tolerated. Bashing of Zelda is not tolerated, nor will bashing of Malon be tolerated.
005. Please stay on topic. Put all personal posts in your personal journal.
006. Most importantly, please have fun! That's what the community is here for. ^_^

All rules will be enforced and we work on a two strike system. You will recieve one warning and if you continue to break the rules, you will be banned.
If you wish to affiliate with linkxmalon, simply leave a comment on any entry with an !admin tag.

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