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Diamond in the Rough

I just wanted to bring it to this comm's attention that Diamond in the Rough is now open! It's a Malink/alternate pairing website with forums as well, so fans who <3 this kinda thing check it out! ;) Please leave feedback too, if you so wish.

That is all!

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To the admin

Hey I was just wondering if you would like to affliate with It is a Zelda icontest of all the girls featured in the various games of zelda. I would be very greatful. Get back to me as soon as possible please :)

Oh wait, I actually updated a while ago

Title: Beneath the Surface (Chapter 4)
Chapters: Prologue + 4 chapters, incomplete
Rating: T for the moment
Pairing: Link/Malon
Link: <"http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2004294/5/Beneath_the_Surface">Chapter Four</a>
Summary: Malon and Navi find Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow.



 I just joined this site and I'm happy to be here!

I'm currently working on a fic for this couple so hopefully it'll be out soon.

While I'm here - I thought I'll pass on this link to a Malon/Link forum, it has nothing in it at the moment and I'm hoping we all would be able to fill it up with stories and pictures in no time.


Hope you see you there

fan art!

Hello everyone! I was previously seimeiforest, but I changed my username. :) I bring forth some fanart.

Link and MalonCollapse )


Hey guys! I'm new here : D You can call me megs.

Ive been a huge fan of Link and Malon ever since OoT came out * u* i love them so muuch.
So in conclusion, i'll be posting lots and lots of fanart ! : D horrey!


Fanart or CGI or Icons. Or all three.

So I got Adellas permission to use her fanart on devianart for a lj layout..

but does anyone else have some really cute or really good fanart or doujinshi scans of linj x malon i could use?

any oot CGI art?

any lj icons?

♥ Aine

Ocarina of Time.

Beat the whole game for the kajillionth time.

I honestly think Malon is who he got with. I mean there is so many hints in Majora's Mask. But there is even things I noticed in OOT.

1 - He is not a kokiri. Where else would he live other then with her on her and her dads farm.

2 - Zelda is gone with the sages to be master over them. Said in storyline and Link did not seem to care he would never see her again.

3 - Saria is also gone to be a sage. Hense Mido's sadness in the end. Said in the storyline too.

4 - As is Princess Ruto. Hense her dads sadness. Also said in storyline.

5 - That leaves who left! Malon. Plus she had his horse with her in the ending. Obviously he would live with her to stay with his horse too. Sure he would want to ride it in future.

6 - They are both Hyrulians.

7 - Her dad asked you if you wanted to marry her.

8 - Every girl needs a prince on a horse they love.

9 - And I know these two may not be relevant but... The end party was at her ranch. And they used her song she sings as the tune when Link was putting the master sword back. They used her song many other times in the game too. And at the party and in the credits.

10 - She has a cute nickname for him. Obviusly likes him a lot if she would take time to make up a nickname for just her to call him.

So yea go Malink! Zalink people dont get mad I support them too. Just not in oot. Tho if your a member in this comm you should love my post.

BTW can anyone supply me with some good Malon AIM SNs to use?

♥ Aine

Fairytale's end

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it ok...
...And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction, oh beautiful release

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